Why Everyone Needs Hoops This Holiday Season


I am a definite pushover when it comes to fashion resurrected from my youth. I remember the huge black hoops that I bought on the street in The Village in the 80’s and wore proudly as they tugged on my ears.  I also rocked a huge pair of heavy gold hoops, also a product of New York City.  Today’s hoops are equally exciting but definitely more varied.

Here are 5 reasons why you need hoops this holiday season:

1. Hoops are face framing.

When you throw on your fav hoops you draw attention to your beautiful face. Hoops can be elongating and give a narrower look to your face. In addition to your daily contour add some hoops! Don’t feel like putting on makeup? Throw on hoops to naturally contour your face.

2. Hoops come in many different sizes and designs.

The beauty of hoops is that there is a style for everyone.  Are you a go big or go home person? There are so many options! Do you prefer a more classic look? Hoops are there for you too! Check out hoops in every metal, every size, with or without bling.

3. Hoops can be conservative and work appropriate.

Throw on a pair of smaller or slightly toned down hoops and you are accessorized for your work day.  No need to overthink it. Just grab and go!

4. Wear your hoops for a night on the town.

Yes! Have fun and rock those huge hoops!  All the stars are doing it and the bigger the better!

5. Hoops are timeless.

Not only have hoops have been around since I was a teen, but they’ve actually been a statement piece since biblical times.

Hoops just add that special touch. Throw them on and you’re ready to conquer the world!


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