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What is the story behind Merri’s Peacock?

Merri is the twenty one year old daughter of a best friend of one of the founding members of Merri’s Peacock.
On June 25, 2004, six year old Merri became sick with an illness that attacked her liver. She did not respond to treatment with drugs, and her condition worsened. Doctors informed her parents that a liver transplant might be necessary, and Merri was placed on the organ donation list.
On June 5, 2005, as Merri’s parents contemplated the surgery – a difficult and risky procedure with many potential complications and no guarantee of success – they received a call from the doctors: a liver was available, and they needed to act quickly. As they tried to finalize what would be best for their young daughter, they saw a peacock walk through their yard – something they had never seen before. The appearance of the beautiful and majestic bird – known to be a symbol of immortality – was a sign of inspiration for the family. Merri and her parents felt prepared to go through with the transplant, with hope in their hearts.
Today, fifteen years later, Merri is a busy, thriving young adult who is an advocate for transplants.

A portion of the proceeds from Merri’s Peacock will be donated to children’s transplant organizations.

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